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Verballs Skype Internet Telephone

Verballs are Animatronic Monsters that allow you to talk to your friends worldwide for free by using Skype or even MSN, Yahoo etc . With Verballs you get 30 Minutes Skypeout free too.

Verballs are 12cm tall cartoon monsters that sit by your PC allowing you to communicate hands free. Once your verball is connected to your PC by USB, you can use the verball as a Hands Free Telephone, and thanks to the .5w speaker you can listen to music through them too.

Verballs Moving Arms
Verballs Characters

£24.95 Buy Verballs Online


There are 5 Verballs to choose from including

Slick Verball .............................. Baby Verball
SlickSpacerBaby Verballs
Gift of the Year Winner 2006

Britney Verballs .............................. Mr V Verballs
Britney VerballsSpacerMr V

Striker 1 Verballs
Striker Verballs

Verballs are available Worldwide from

Verballs Horns

Key Features:
* Hands Free Microphone
* 0.5W High Quality Speaker
* USB powered (no batteries)
* Moving Arms, LED Flashing Horns
* Mouth moves at the same time as audio is received
* Acoustically isolated speaker and microphone eliminates echo
* USB-powered: 1.5m USB cable length
* Microphone and headphone sockets for quiet calling
* 100% integration with Skype™ Compatibility Information:
* PC or laptop required for operation
* Windows 2000 and Windows XP compatible
* Not Mac Compatible untill October


Buy Verballs Online

Verballs Mouth

Verballs are simple to use, you simply download Skype (if you haven't already), install it and you are ready to add your Verballs.

Verballs Boxed

Download the Verballs software and save it to your desktop, scan it with your favorite antivirus, run it and install it and now you are ready to plug your Verballs into a Spare USB connection on your PC.

Start chatting. You can download ringtones and sound effects (usually for a charge, but you can find free stuff out there) to make your Verballs make all kinds of silly sounds when you get a call, use certain key, it can even Morph your Voice making you sound like someone else!

Buy Verballs Online Save to



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